Like the finest of things made in Wisconsin, our lawns are crafted by hand to be the very best.



We have designed a lawn management system with two objectives: grow beautiful, healthy, lush lawns AND minimize applying unsafe lawn chemicals.

We are very proud of our unique "Low Chemical, High Quality Lawn Management" system - an approach to lawn care that significantly reduces the amount of unsafe lawn chemicals applied to your lawn.

We invented the Low Chemical model, there are copycats that say they can (will) do it, but guess what - they don't and can't. Why?  Simple. It's too labor intensive for their business models. 

The Result: Our care delivers beautiful, healthy,  green, low chemical lawns. That's our guarantee. 

We don't require contracts. We think requiring contracts for a lawn service is ridiculous!  Contracts seek simply to protect poor service.  We earn your business month over month. 

And we understand customer service! The old adage "The Customer is Always Right" - we live by it!