Increasing biodiversity is a great sustainability initiative. If you have been using conventional chemical programs you have been systematically wiping out the microbial population that is part of the turf ecosystem. Our focus is on developing and feeding that microbial population that is a critical component of healthy green grass. Our programs literally increase the biodiversity of your lawn exponentially!


The best environmental impact is as little impact as possible.

Reducing chemicals used in your lawn care significantly reduces environmental impacts. By reducing chemical use we increase biodiversity, improve water conservation and reduce negative impacts on groundwater.


Water is a critical global resource. Our program changes the biological dynamics of turf. The result is improved water management.

By developing the microbial biology of the turf system we improve soil nutrient and mineral management. As mineral management is improved, through a healthy active biosystem, water requirements are reduced 50-75%. Our focus on improving the biology of the turf system, optimizes the carbon cycle and increases water retention exponentially.


Reducing the carbon footprint is important to the environment.

As we increase the organic and microbiology activity of your lawn we are materially affecting the carbon fixing activity that is taking place in your turf’s ecosytem. Your “organic” turf actually becomes a carbon fixing tool helping your lawn reduce your carbon footprint.