The “Other” Weed Control Programs

Our competitors use programs that unnecessarily over apply excessive quantities of unsafe chemicals across the entire property - indiscriminately and irrespective of weed or insect status. Why?  Simple, saves them labor. Just "nuke" the lawn with chemicals and they're right - no weeds.  BUT the unfortunate consequence is that lots and lots and lots of unsafe lawn chemicals are applied. And this excessive application is repeated up to 5-6 times over the course of the season. The result, higher chemical exposure to family and pets.

Over 65 million pounds of pesticides are used on American lawns each year, much of which is unnecessary! And over applying lawn chemicals is not only potentially unsafe for family and pets — it also decimates the natural microbial system in the soil, which is the key to great, healthy lawns.  Healthy thick lawns are the result of a healthy soil foundation.  

Our weed management approach:

Our objective is to minimize chemicals applied – use only the amount that is needed.   Our weed management is handled through targeted spot weed treatment. After the fertilization step our technicians walk the property again systematically and carefully spot treating the weeds. This two step process is a much more labor intensive approach for us - but our agreement and objective with our customers is to minimize chemicals applied.  We use only what is needed, no more, for effective weed control.

And we never use ATV's.  Running an ATV over the lawn always leads to an over application of chemicals and beats up the lawn!  

We are on your property at about two week intervals for spot weed management – no additional charge – part of the service. Regular spot treatments are more labor intensive on our part – but extra and regular visits are what is required to minimize chemical use and achieve great weed management. And that’s what sets us apart from our competition.

Effective weed control… or you don’t pay!

And if ever you need us on your property sooner than the 2 week interval simply send us a “Weed Alert” email . We are local, we are always in the area so we can respond within 24, no more than 48 hours. Never an extra charge, part of the service.